• President:  Christy Anderson
  • Past Presidents:  Becky Mills, David Bretzke, Juanita McKinney
  • Secretary:  Jeri Ashford        jeri@theashfords.org
  • Treasurer: Anna Swenson
  • Controller:  Rob Ross
  • Operations:  Steve Easthope
  • Merchandise: Brian Zunker merchandise@hawksbandboosters.org        
  • Color Guard Lead:  RaeAnn Carrizales  raeanne.carrizales@yahoo.com
  • Student Services: Jen Larson     larson_jd@yahoo.com
  • Meal Coordinator: Leslie Clemmons  ljclemmons@sbcglobal.net
  • Events:  Dana Whitmire
  • Fundraising & Marketing:  Melanie Deaton  meldeaton@hotmail.com
  • Concessions:  Patty Ybarra concessions@hawksbandboosters.org
  • Scholarships & Foundation Rep: Maria Ryan
  • ​​Percussion Lead: Jeanne-Marie Matthews   hawkswinterpercussion@gmail.com

“Band has required hard work and strict mental discipline, but has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. The valuable friendships I have made were only strengthened by the fact that we all shared the same goal. Being in front ensemble for four years, I have seen everyone’s dedication increase which resulted in our section to strive for excellence.  Band has helped to develop my leadership qualities, teamwork skills, and has allowed me to form cherished friendships.”


Abby Griffith

Lives We Impact

Our Organization

Who are we?

The Hawk Band Boosters are an integral part of the Hawk Band program. This band is very special. It is one of the top-ranked high school bands in Texas. The booster organization is dedicated to supporting our students, the directors, and the band program in creating, producing, and performing the best possible marching and concert programs. To achieve this goal, the Boosters provide food and drink for special occasions, develop fundraising activities to support trips, serve as chaperons for all band trips; and support the percussion pit by moving heavy equipment on and off the field during halftime and competition performances.
You might wonder, “Why should I become a booster? What do they do? Do I really need to be involved?” With all the competitions and events during the year, it takes a small army of volunteers to support this world class band. In a nutshell, we are supporting OUR KIDS! This is such a special time in their lives; a time when they need great role models to help cement the social, ethical, moral and disciplinary skills they’ve been taught. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to actively participate in their lives – and be a part of your child’s success in band.

“Recognizing the extraordinary powers of a keen mind and a strong spirit, we are committed to provide the necessary educational and moral tools that will establish a firm foundation upon which a progressive band program may soundly rest. We will exert ourselves to provide those things necessary to facilitate and support a program that offers expanded academic, fine art and social educational opportunities for all current and future members of the band. We remain challenged to reach beyond any perceived limitations and we will strive to make Hendrickson Hawk Band the standard of excellence by which all other programs are measured.”

Why we are here: